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Subhendu Roy

Subhendu Roy


Yogacharya Subhendu, hailing from the serene landscapes of West Bengal, India
is a distinguished yoga guru cum lecturer with a profound understanding of the ancient practice. Pursed Diploma in Yoga,Master Degree in Yoga, and a PhD in Yoga, he seamlessly blends traditional wisdom with modern insights. As a passionate lecturer, Yogacharya Subhendu has dedicated his life to spreading the transformative benefits of yoga, guiding countless individuals on a holistic journey towards physical and spiritual well-being.

He Teaches Classical Hatha Yoga,Pranayama,Yoga Nidra,Yoga Therapy,Yin Yoga,Mantra Yoga,Meditation,Yoga philosophy and Yoga Anatomy.

He taught Yoga around 15 countries Lifemember of Prestigious Indian Yoga Association.
ERY-T 500hrs Registered Teacher By USA Yoga Alliance
500 Hrs World Yoga Association Registered Teacher
Golden Book of World Record In Yoga