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Studio Policies

Studio Policy


  • If you would like to attend Pilates, Reformer, Yoga or wellness classes on a regular basis we recommend that you schedule in advance on TULA STUDIO website, via the online agenda.
  • All reservations are required for all classes and private appointments. All lessons must be pre-paid in order to make a reservation.
  • For scheduling purposes, class sign-up closes 30 minutes prior to the start of training. We do not recommend walk-ins for classes; make sure that you have made your reservation, or else you won’t be able to attend the training class.
  • Unless otherwise noted, all sessions are 55 minutes. If you are late to your Equipment class, the instructor must still end the session at the originally scheduled time.
  • Please arrive on time for group classes. Out of respect for other class participants and for your safety, we cannot attend clients to class more than 20 minutes after the start of class.
  • TULA STUDIO reserves the right to cancel any class or appointment with short notice, however you will not be charged for that class.
  • Class times and instructors are subject to change with short notice. No refunds will be given due to schedule changes.
  • It is important to maintain the privacy of the customers and fellow community members during the class, and therefore during all sessions, the window will remain closed using our blinders. The windows will remain open only when there are no customers using the room.


  • We respectfully require a full twelve (12) hours notice for all cancellations of classes and private appointments.
  • Cancellations and rescheduling must be carried out on TULA STUDIO website, via the online agenda.
  • Absentees and cancellations with less than twelve (12) hours notice will be automatically charged as if you had attended the training class.


  • Stress-free arrivals are encouraged, so please try to reach TULA STUDIO 10-15 minutes prior to your scheduled class.
  • Do not use cell phones in the studio or dressing room as for respect for other clients. Please step into the elevator bay in case you need to make or take a call.
  • No street shoes may be worn in the workout area or on the equipment at any time.
  • Comfortable workout clothing that allows for a full range of movements (soft, form-fitting pants and t- shirts) is recommended. Please do not wear clothes with zippers/snaps that get caught on the equipment or scratch the equipment upholstery.
  • All fitness equipment has its safety concerns, especially if used improperly. Please do not use equipment without your instructor present.
  • Bringing a towel is highly required to train on the equipment or for the on-floor exercises.
  • Socks are mandatory. We recommend using socks with grips on our equipment for safety.


  • You must let TULA STUDIO know about pertinent health issues or anything you think may affect your workout.
  • If your condition changes (i.e. if you become pregnant or suffer even a nor fall) please let us know so that we may update your medical records and provide the best possible service for you.


Waiver of Liability and Informed Consent Release details

This release, Waiver, and Hold Harmless Agreement is made by and between the undersigned and TULA STUDIO, and entered into on the day, month and year noted below.

I subscribe to and accept the following:

TULA STUDIO shall not be liable for any damages arising from any personal injuries sustained by a guest or a member on or about the presses of TULA STUDIO.  A guest or a member, in attending TULA STUDIO and using its facilities and equipment, does so at his/her own risk.  A guest or a member assumes full responsibility for any injuries or damages which may occur to him/her using said facilities and he/she does hereby fully and forever release and discharge  TULA STUDIO , its owners, employees and agents from any and all claims, demands, damages, rights of action, or causes of actions, present or future, whether the same be known or unknown, anticipated or unanticipated, resulting or arising out of a member’s or a guest’s use or intended use of the facilities and equipment of  TULA STUDIO .

I warrant, represent and agree that I am in good physical condition and have no disability, impairment, or ailment preventing me from engaging in active or passive exercise that will be detrimental or inical to health, safety, comfort, or physical condition if I do so engage or participate.  If my health condition changes or I become pregnant, I agree to inform TULA STUDIO and provide a note from my physician stating that I may continue my current exercise regime.  I will take responsibility for my health and safety and avoid any exercises I have been advised by my physician not to do.   TULA STUDIO shall not be liable for the loss or theft of, or damage to, the personal property of a guest or a member.


I understand that TULA STUDIO requires twelve (12) hours notice for any change or cancellation.  I will be billed for any session booked if twelve (12) hours notice is not given even if I reschedule in the same week.