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Jinelle Dsouza

Jinelle Dsouza

Manage neck, back and knee injuries. Build strength and equilibrium

Jinelle's journey with Pilates began during her recovery from a shoulder dysfunction, a period that ignited her passion for the practice. In subsequent years, Pilates played a pivotal role in her rehabilitation after a complex pregnancy and delivery.

Certified as a Stott Pilates Mat, Reformer & Cadillac Instructor, and trained in Merrithew Fascial Movement, Jinelle has continually expanded her expertise. She has pursued additional courses in Prenatal Pilates and Strength during Menopause, aligning her skills with diverse aspects of holistic wellness.

Conducting both group and private classes at the studio, Jinelle's approach revolves around the philosophy of balance and personalized well-being. Her classes emphasize precise technique and alignment, employing a systematic approach to cultivate strength and equilibrium. Evident in her dynamic workouts is a genuine love for Pilates, reflected in the personalized attention she provides to each participant. Jinelle infuses her classes with enthusiasm and energy, making her an ideal instructor, especially for those managing neck, knee, or back injuries. Embrace a journey of holistic wellness with Jinelle, where Pilates becomes a conduit to balance and personal growth.